Adhesion of processed powder by sandblasting

Glass, Fiber, Rubber and Paper Products Industry

During the production process of glass, fiber, rubber and paper products, due to the effect of static electricity, it is easy to generate electrostatic adsorption of dust and foreign matter in the air, which affects the quality of the product.

Application of antistatic solution in some industries

Adhesion of processed powder by sandblasting

Sand blasting is a process in which a type of particles called particles are shot at a processed object, and the molded product is subjected to deburring, plastic patterning, and the like. In this process, the amount of charge due to collisional charging becomes very large.
The processed powder is also charged and strongly adheres to the processed object. After removing it with a blower, it will remain charged and attach again.

Solutions and results

Can be handled as quickly as possible without soiling the workpiece.


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