Foreign matter adhesion and electric shock to workers

Glass, Fiber, Rubber and Paper Products Industry

During the production process of glass, fiber, rubber and paper products, due to the effect of static electricity, it is easy to generate electrostatic adsorption of dust and foreign matter in the air, which affects the quality of the product.

Application of antistatic solution in some industries

Foreign matter adhesion and electric shock to workers

In the tire steel cord calender process, a polyethylene sheet is pinched during winding, and thus a huge charge is generated.
Therefore, if foreign matter adheres, it may cause electric shock to workers.
The static eliminator can be used to remove the electrification, prevent foreign matter from adhering, and do not discharge to the operator.

Solutions and results

The high-speed static elimination adopts a non-contact method, which does not produce wire ends, and supports the high-speed production line.


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