Resin Molding Products Produce Mold Residue

Resin and Film Industry

Resin and film products are easy to be adsorbed by static electricity in the process of production, and are easy to be attached, fly apart and "foreign body attached" , which results in the pollution of Resin and film products and affects the quality of products.

Application of antistatic solution in some industries

Resin molding products produce mold residue

Friction with the mold leads to live mold products, may be attached to the mold can not be removed. Due to the small size and thinning tendency, the molded parts are lighter and more easily attached. The complex shape will increase the friction surface between the molded parts and the mold, making it more charged. High-speed molding machine, such as the injection speed faster, more and more charged, the risk of mold residue is also increasing.

Solutions and results

Can effectively remove static electricity, prevent foreign body adhesion and mold residue. The waste of materials is reduced andthe rate of finished products is increased.


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