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Three Concepts

Gather the spirit with culture.
Rein the humanity with the rules.
Win the life with the brand.

Cultural connotation

The origin of Kesd
It shall have a wide mind like the sea which can hold many things. Xin (new) means continuous innovation. Innovation is the only fundamental of existence and development for Haixin.
Characteristics of Kesd Employees:
Confidence, being able to bow and rise at will, and self motivation.
Motto of Kesd: He who knows others is intelligent. He who knows himself is wise. He who wins others is powerful. He who wins himself is strong.

Company Culture

Integrity: Honesty is the first of all moralities. Good faith is the basis of all things, and integrity is core of Kesd culture.
Appreciation: The favor of drop water should emerge fontal look sings up for. Being thankful and knowing how to repay one's benefactor is the principle of Haixin people.
Respect: Establish the culture of respecting each other. There is no gap between employees, but only difference in working contents.
Cooperation: Two people become humanity, three people become crowds. People shall support each other and help each other during cooperation.
Share: The greatest wisdom is to share intelligence with others. The team will not grow up without sharing.
Innovation: Innovation is the base of Kesd for existence. It will only keep flourishing with continuous innovation.

Company Culture

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