Air Ionizer, AC Ionization, Pulsed DC Ionization, State DC Ionization

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What are ionizers?

An air ionizer is a device that uses high voltage or other means to charge air molecules. The ionization unit emits positive and negative charges to the air, which usually solves the electrostatic problems of the specific polarity of the ions being attracted to the opposite polarity of the charged material. The ionizer can be AC, DC, steady-state DC, pulse, nuclear or passive.

What is AC Ionization?

AC ionization is also known as corona ionization. AC represents alternating current, which means power from positive to negative sixty times per second. Thus, the AC ionizer generates positive ions and negative ions from the same point or emitter. Applying a 50/60 Hz alternating current (AC) to a single emitter or emitter pin near the ground reference will produce ionization in the air space between the emitter tip and the emitter and ground. High voltage attacks the air, as the current alternates between the positive and negative electrodes, it will produce positive and negative ions. AC ionization is used for ionizing blowers, guns, nozzles and linear static devices.

What is Pulsed DC Ionization?

The pulsed DC ioniser utilizes a separate power supply to generate positive and negative voltages and has its own dedicated emitter. The power supply alternates between positive and negative poles, but usually frequencies below alternating current. In this way, the ion recombination is reduced, and in many cases the performance increases. The pulsed DC ionizer can operate at a greater distance without air flow, which improves the operator's comfort without affecting performance. The technology also applies to ionization blowers, ionizing rods and purge gun devices. In addition, it is also suitable for controlling the indoor system, work surface and mobile hood and the use of equipment in the electrostatic charge.

What is Steady State DC Ionization?

Like the pulsed DC system, the steady state also uses a separate power supply and emitter, rather than alternating positive and negative, both power supplies are always in use. Ions have a certain degree of reorganization, but due to the continuous production of bipolar ions, ion density.



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