Application of Electrostatic Technology Semiconductor Industry

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In the semiconductor device production plant, due to the adsorption of dust on the chip, the yield of VLSI will be greatly reduced. Workers in production workshops wear clean work clothes. If the human body is electrostatically charged, dust and dirt are easily adsorbed. If these dust and dirt are brought to the operation site, the quality of the product will be affected, the performance of the product will deteriorate, and the yield will be greatly reduced. . If the radius of the adsorbed dust particles is larger than the line width, the thickness of the film is lower, and the product is most likely to be scrapped.


Therefore, it is necessary to establish an electrostatic protection system during the process of production and packaging. The IC package production line has stricter requirements on static electricity. In order to ensure the normal operation of the production line, the anti-static building materials are completely renovated in their clean workshops, and all personnel working in and out of clean workshops are equipped with anti-static clothing and other hardware measures. The packaging companies can comply with relevant national standards and the actual conditions of the company. Develop company standards or specific requirements for anti-static protection to meet the normal operation of packaging production lines.

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Since there are many types of equipment that remove dust and static electricity, how to choose the product that is suitable for you depends on the status of the production line. The following describes several types of equipment that remove dust and static electricity:

1. Ion air gun: Its characteristic is handheld, the operation method is very casual, it is more suitable for use in the inspection site, the inspector sees the dust there, just pick up the air gun and blow it on it. The

2, ion air nozzles: it is a fixed product, small size, does not occupy the place, it is more suitable for the assembly line or part of the space of the narrow station. Can also be made foot and induction.

In addition to the above products, an ion blower is also required on some assembly lines and operating stations to reduce the accumulation of static electricity and prevent products from being punctured. Can choose to use our suspension or bench-top ion blower, which has a large area for eliminating electricity and does not occupy working space. It can be selected according to the size of the table or the width of the assembly line.

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