Application of Static Equipment

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1: Optoelectronics Industry:Large static will breakdown the LED and the electronic circuit boards;

2: Precision Machinery Industry:The static of computers, components and measuring equipment will affect its precision;

3: Plastic and Plastics industry:Use static equipment to prevent dust adhesion during molding process and electric shock;

4: Printing and Packaging industry:With the help of static eliminator to prevent the electrostatic adsorption and rejection of paper, and dust paper powder dip and so on;

5: Chemical and Textile Industry: By means of anti-static equipment, to prevent the static electricity of spinning line from winding on the roll and flammable and explosive chemical products will on fire.

6: Medical Food Industry: To prevent hair, dander, dust and other irrelevant matter will get into

food, medicine and packaging due to static.

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The role of static eliminator plays in the LED industry

The biggest production difficulty in LED industry is how to solve the static problem.

Because in the process of production,it will a lot of electrostatic and will affect the quality of the products.If the static is not derived or weaken promptly,the accumulation of static electricity will become larger.Once the loop is formed,it will produce a huge voltage difference and the current number may be up to 5 Ann or even higher.If so,the temperature will be 30 degrees above instantly and will cause the huge damage to the circuit board or electrode.

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The birth of the static eliminator is to create an electrostatic or low static production environment, the principle is to produce high-pressure ionization of air with positive and negative ions, through the fan blowing to the LED product surface, so that its accompanying electrostatic charge can be balanced. This is the most effective and controllable method to eliminate static.



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