Comparison between DC ionizing fan and AC ionizing fan

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DC ion fan is very popular recently. There are a lot of reasons that a lot of customers would like to choose DC ion fan.  It provides an ion eliminator for a wide range of concentrated areas with balanced ion flow. The ion balance voltage is continuously adjustable and there is no feedback control circuit. It can stabilize the balance voltage in a very low position, can eliminate or neutralize the wide range of concentrated or difficult to contact area of the electrostatic charge. It is an ideal static eliminator for precision electronic products, electronic assembly lines, pharmaceutical manufacturing assembly lines, printing, packaging and small products or molding.

ac ionizer dc ionizer

DC ion fan is discharged from the two groups of electrodes, the rate of discharge per second is 220 volts 24 kHz, characterized by large amount of ion generation, power consumption fast, good balance. DC ion fan safety factor is high, the shell weak current is only 0.06 mA and it has no impact on the human body. As for the material, the DC ion fan needles use alloy materials and the lifetime of the products can be used for more than 50,000 hours. DC internal structure of the transformer and the main control board (including frequency conversion circuit, rectifier filter, amplifier circuit, etc.), not Will be affected by voltage fluctuations, resulting in the decline in the life of the transformer.

AC ion fan only have a group of electrode discharge, if it is 220 volts, the speed of discharge per second 50 Hz, if it is 110 volts, 60 Hz per second. As the discharge process is alternating, easily lead to object anti-charged phenomenon, power consumption, balance and less than DC. AC ionizing fan induction current is high, the grounding system is not good, easy to electric shock. Most of the AC ion fan selection of materials are used, the discharge needle is generally tungsten needle or stainless steel, the internal structure of the transformer-based, if the voltage fluctuation is too large, will affect the life of the transformer.


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