Comprehensive Development Trend of Anti Static Industry

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At present, the domestic anti-static industry has entered the state of intense competition.

All kinds of manufacturers such as mushrooming, in the absence of standard environment, anti-static equipment manufacturers unite, to overcome all difficulties to create today's results, anti-static every fine Points and products have a different development trend.

First of all, in anti-static equipment, ionizing air blower  and ion bar is growing much fast in the past two years, the current market is not saturated, there is a huge space, especially a large number of new factories, the next few years will continue to pull in anti-static equipment. But the product does not have a fixed standard, there is a big difference in quality, it need adjustment from national departments,secondly anti-static consumable, including anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes, Anti-static gloves, etc., because of its very low cost of entry, the market has been in a saturated state for a long time, and the product is not much competitive advantage at all, so the electrostatic consumable can only be driven to the market.

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In the last, is the test equipment, domestic electrostatic detection technology is weak, the overall development of test equipment is lagging behind. 

Such as static attenuation tester (not including half-decay instrument), ion balance analyzer, electrostatic shielding tester and other important equipment, there is no domestic production. Non-contact static voltmeter because of its test error, the use of some problems.In short, although the anti-static industry is not a large class of orthodox industry, but its market demand and supply are not lower than any large category, so the trend in 2015 after the development trend is also obvious, high technical indicators of the product closer, such as ion fan, electrostatic tester, the other only to protect the number of it.


















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