Electrostatic spraying technology application

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Although the electrostatic effect is the earliest experimental evidence of electricity, but in modern industrial processes, static electricity is still considered "unknown." The general industry of electrostatic hazards control technology can be described as very strange, often caused many misunderstandings or misuse of control methods without realizing that they failed to prevent the occurrence of static electricity hazards.

In most industrial processes, electrostatic charges accumulate, causing people to feel uncomfortable at the same time, causing damage to the human body even in the process of loading and unloading of flammable gases, liquids and dusts, resulting in fire and explosion accidents . Especially in some industries with potential electrostatic hazards, such as chemical, petroleum, paint, plastic, pharmaceutical, food, printing and electronics industries, there is a problem easily caused by electrostatic hazards.


For the prevention of electrostatic hazards in the process of adoption of countermeasures, should first understand the principle of electrostatic hazards, hazards and development process familiar with static electricity generation and dissipation factors, as well as electrostatic discharge types and hazards, can identify the formation of static electricity each stage, and then For the reasons for the hazards of the use of electrostatic measuring instruments, the process of material and environmental measurement, control of the amount of static electricity in the process of assessment of potential electrostatic hazards, follow-up to develop and adopt a suitable method of control of electrostatic hazards, while the sustained volume.

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 Measurement and comparison of the effect of implementing electrostatic protection measures can effectively reduce the potential electrostatic hazards and improve the operation of the production process and safety of personnel.

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