Electrostatic Technology Application in Photoelectric Industry

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electrostatic technology  application in Photoelectric industry

Ion fan and ion nozzle can  solve the electrostatic hazards in the optoelectronics industry, electronics industry and semiconductor industry. Why do they take static as killers ? Why do they regard electrostatic protection as a major project? KESD Anti-Static Technology Co., Ltd. summarizes the following points, the main harm caused by static electricity in industrial production:

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(1) Causes malfunction or malfunction of electronic equipment, causing electromagnetic interference.

(2) breakdown integrated circuits and precision electronic components, or to promote component aging, reduce production yield.

(3) Electric shock caused by high-voltage electrostatic discharge endangers personal safety.

(4) Electronic industry: Adsorption of dust, causing pollution of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, greatly reducing the yield.

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KESD Anti-Static Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer leader of ion nozzles, ion blowers, ion air guns and ion bar.  KESD is  always meticulously dedicated to R & D and manufacturing in  industrial electrostatic control, the main products include ion  air nozzle, ion fan,  ion air gun, ion bar and other static elimination equipment.  KESD has provided high-quality industrial electrostatic control and advanced and unique technical solutions for many well-known manufacturers in China. It is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and agency of dust-free purification products and anti-static products.

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