How to Solve The Dust Adsorption by Discharge Needles

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The release of ion will be decreased after the ionizing air blower has been used for a long time and the concentration of ion becomes less. Do not worry and it is the normal phenomenon. 

The discharge will be not obvious due to dust adsorption,which will greatly reduce the static removal efficiency.The working principle of ionizing air blower is through high pressure to ionize the air molecules so that the Ion charge can be produced. However,the dust and other gaseous also will be ionized at the same time.

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In that way, it is easy that the dust can be adsorbed by the discharge needles or the ionizing air blower edge. Then it is important that we should clean the ionizing air blower regularly, especially the discharge needles.

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The new type of self cleaning air blowers can solve the problem perfectly and also save the labor of cleaning the ionizing air blower. It can set self cleaning interval time freely so that the discharge needles can keep the state of fully clean.And it will not interfere the ion release to ensure the best effect of static electricity removal.


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