How to solve the emission of dust adsorption

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The release of ions will beReduced after prolonged use of ionizing blowerThe ion concentration becomes smaller. Don't worry, this is normal.

dischargewill notobviousdue toDust adsorption,This will greatly reduce staticremovaleffectiveness.At workprincipleIonization blowerThrough high pressureIonize oneir moleculeSo this wayIonic chargeCan be produced. however,Dust and othersGaseousIt will also be ionized.

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In this way, the dust is easily absorbed by the discharge needle or the ionization blower.edge. Then it is important that we should regularly clean the ionization blower, especially the discharge needle.

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New self-cleaning fan can solve the problemPerfect, it also saves the work of cleaning the ion fan. It can set itselfThe cleaning interval is freely performed so that the discharge needle can be kept sufficiently clean.And it does not interfere with ion release, thus ensuring the best static removal effect.


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