How to use anti-static ion fan?

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it isknown Ionization blowerCan effectively remove static electricity.

it hasexcellentStatic performanceWhich willPrevent static electricity pollution and damage.this isIdeal equipmentCan be used forElectronic production lines, repair stations and other individuals Electrostatic protection zone.

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The interior of the refrigerator is ABS material, which will generate very high static electricity after stamping. The production environment of the refrigerator is mostly a common environment, which will cause a large amount of dust to be adsorbed on the plastic surface. Air, it's very stubborn. No matter what you want to wipe the refrigerator, dust will be absorbed..

We can choose two methods to solve this problem, one is to control the amount of dust and build a clean room (but it is very difficult to do so, the project is too large, the cost will be high); second, to eliminate static electricity on the plastic surface, you can Avoid dust absorption.Since the entire production process is an assembly line operation, there are many sites. Due to repeated friction and friction, static electricity is generated in each with. The factory should install ion fans in each station to meet the needs of dust removal. It is recommended that you use a combined dust collectorStatic Eliminatoruse together.


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