How to use ionization blower correctly?

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Many companies believe that as long as they purchase an ion fan, they can easily solve the problem of static electricity. However, they do not consider external reasons and may cause inefficiency of anti-static equipment. It may cause the problem of non-conformity of products.

Ionization blower production line

What kind of factorsWill it affect the ion fan?Even if ionizing blowers are used, many PCD manufacturers will find out if the PCD is lying flat on the production line. Static residue still exists. Because the PCD and some production lines are too flat, the two sides are too close.

In this way, negative ions and positive ions cannot enter the coincident part of the circuit and the conveyor belt.It is best to use hollow or drum conveyors in the factory, so that when installed in the factory, it can work well and can effectively remove static electricity.Ionization blowerOn the production line.

The KESD ionization fan adopts high-frequency AC mode, so that the 50 / 60Hz discharge frequency of the fan can be increased to 68000Hz, so that the positive and negative ions on the product can be neutralized more quickly. The ionization fan has self-cleaning and automatic locking functions, which can ensure that the use of the ionization fan is more convenient and faster.


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