How to Use the Ionizing Air Blower Rightly?

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Many companies take the desktop ionizing air blower as the normal fun, and they will think that no damage, no broken appearance of the product, then it can to used for a long time. Actually, it is wrong.


(1)The cross-sectional area of the grounding line of the desktop ionizing air blower should be not less than 100mm2; the cross-sectional area of the trunk line should be not less than 6mm2; the grounding wire of the equipment and the worktable should adopt the multi-stranded plastic wire with the cross-sectional area of not less than 1.25mm2 and yellow-green line is appropriate. 

(2)The connection of the grounded trunk of the desktop ionizer fan should be brazed.

(3)The anti-static system of the desktop ionizing fan must have an independent and reliable grounding device. The grounding resistance should generally be less than 10% of the requirements of GBJ 97.

(4)Desktop ionizer fan uses three-phase five-wire power supply, the ground wire can be used as anti-static ground (but the zero line, ground can not be mixed).

 (5)KesdAc Type desktop ionizer air blower kesd.jpg anti-static equipment to connect the terminal should ensure reliable contact, easy assembly and disassembly, allowing the use of a variety of folder-type connectors, such as the fish folder, plug seat and so on. 

(6)Anti-static ground can not be connected to the power supply zero line, not with the mine to share. Because lightning and other phenomena will affect the performance of the product through the loop and personal safety.

 (7)Desktop anti static air blower on the ground resistance of the higher requirements of the workplace should be installed grounding system monitoring alarm, such as our production of grounding system monitoring alarm, can be monitored at any time ground and the earth contact is good.


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