Ionizing Air Blowers Online monitoring system

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Ion fan is a kind of static elimination equipment. Most of the manufacturing industry have problems with static electricity. Static electricity will lead to lower production speed and the pass rate will be decreased. And even in some cases will cause a lot of security risks. So the ion fan has become the essential equipment in some industries.

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Nowadays, a lot of manufacturing industry has gradually adapted automation manufacturing method. It is known that a automated factory of hundreds people will get more profit than a traditional factory of thousands people. 

However, if we just put solely ionizers at the automated factory, then the ionizers can not be inspected and maintained instantly. Because the automated factory do not have extra workers to manage these ionizers.

KESD ionizing air blower with electrostatic monitoring system can be used in all the ion fan fan in series together. The system will collect the signal of ion fan running. And will transmit to one computer.  Then just one person can fully monitor  the use of ion fan. The state of high pressure, fan and automatic cleaning be clearly displayed, which can achieve integration model and can  save a lot of manpower and material resources.


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