Kesd 10th Anniversary Party

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Kesd 10th anniversary party was held in Jinyuliangyuan hotel on the evening of December 6, 2013. Except for the Kesd's employees,customers,suppliers,and the old friends of Kesd went to the party. It was very warm and solemn,everyone was very happy!

The party was beginning with the host congratulations. First of all,in the form of video recording showed the new achievements in 10 years and pay the sweat and the tears, it Showed the kesd staff innovation, spirit striving to make progress. And then the general manager Mr Zhang Wenkui delivered a speech,Mr. Zhang reviewed that Haixin went through an extraordinary path in past 10 years. Kesd staff paid much sweat,and gain the result too,that is to say,we have been the supplier of antistatic equipment which is assigned by the fortune 500 companies, meanwhile prospected the future, in seviral the years, Kesd staff would work more hard and produce cheap and fine products, let "Made in China" went to the world.

Prize speech of outstanding employees moved everyone,they has made remarkable achievement on their ordinary post,and they has became our new learning model.


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