KESD Ionizing Air Blower Obtain International CE Certification

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After several months of follow-up and communication, Kesd ionizing air blower finally applied to the CE certification, which also indicates that the brand is about to international routes, which is the 2016 development plan, in-depth Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States heavy industry market, this certification The success of the application also means that the quality of KESD products is stable, in line with international standards.


KF-21A, KF-50AH, KF-80AH, KF-100AH, KF-120AH, KF-150AH, KF-50AH, KF-80AH, KF-100AH, KF-120AH, KF-150AH, KF-100AH, KF-120AH. Full range of single-head to five with automatic cleaning function of all models, are in line with ISO12100 standard current and voltage, it will be fully to the market.


CE certification is a recognized European safety mark, limited to not endanger the physical, animal and cargo safety of the basic requirements, not the quality system certification, but this is indeed a mandatory electronic mechanical products, a standard certification, especially in Europe and the United States attaches great importance This one. Kesd more concerned about the safety direction, always for the purpose of humanity, for industrial production escort.


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