KESD is the first company in Germany to release the space static elimination FFU static elimination purification unit

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According to the requirements of dust removal and static electricity in the clean room of domestic manufacturing industry, Kishide starts from the benefit of customers and reduces costs for customers. Through technology research and development, it combines FFU + anti-static equipment to achieve the trinity of cleaning of static electricity, dust, and filtration.Space static eliminationDust removal and purification unit KU-50 reduces the complexity of equipment purchased by customers, simplifies the layout of clean space equipment, and creates a clean, dust-free and static-free environment for you.

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KU-50 has the following characteristics

1. Equipped with functions of removing static electricity and dust;

2. Equipped with wireless network monitoring function to realize wireless monitoring;

3. Equipped with temperature, humidity and dust particle display and detection functions;

4. Equipped with normal operation indicator and abnormal alarm indicator of the motor;

5. Equipped with static-removing normal light and high-voltage abnormal alarm indicator light;

6. Equipped with filter normal operation indicator, cleaning reminder and replacement alarm indicator;

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KU-50's intelligent display board is convenient for intelligent management. It can display normal operation prompt light, air volume display, motor fan abnormal alarm prompt, filter cleaning prompt, wireless connection prompt, high pressure alarm light, temperature display, humidity display, dust content value , Remote control and other functions. Realize the use of equipment at a glance. The wireless network connection can be connected with computers and other terminals to realize intelligent management and provide industrial intelligent upgrade solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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Ion generation module

KU-50 has 4 ion generating nozzles, adopts DC low voltage ion generator, 2 nozzles emit positively charged ions, and the other 2 nozzles generate negative ions. When the equipment is working, positive and negative ions are quickly ejected through 4 nozzles, and the emission density is large , And uniform positive and negative ions, can effectively and quickly remove static electricity in the space.

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Application scenario

Dust-free workshop, food factory, pharmaceutical workshop, hospital, biological laboratory, cosmetic factory, optical laboratory, printing workshop, etc.

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