KESD Wristband/Embedded Static Eliminator is officially released

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KESD Wristband/Embedded Static Eliminator is a mini-type static elimination ion fan, is a portable embedded static eliminator designed for narrow spaces. This new product will be officially launched in May. The following KESD editor will give a comprehensive introduction to the design, technical parameters and application scenarios of this KS-10 new mini-type destaticizing ion fan eliminator.


The design of KS-10 is just like its famous wristband type/embedded anti-static device, it has the outstanding characteristics of easy to carry, light weight, small space occupation, fast embedded installation and use without changing the user equipment. At the same time, the built-in power supply is adopted without external power supply, which is convenient for installation and use. It can also be worn directly on the operator's wrist to break the limitation of space application scenarios.

  KS-10 technical parameters


Voltage input

DC5VStatic elimination time100mm, 5SWithin
Ion generation modeCorona dischargeOzone concentration100mm,0.04ppm
displayled/Low frequencyLights up during operationUse ambient temperature0-40
ChargeCharging indicator is on

Use environment humidity

Applied voltageDC5000VDimensions
Ion balance distance50~200mmweight
Residual voltage±35VWithinPower consumption


KS-10Static EliminatorIt can be used to remove static electricity from the wrists of dust-free workshop workers; remove static electricity from automated manipulators; remove static electricity from transmission line pulleys; remove static electricity from laminating stations.

KS-10 has the advantages of small size, light weight, rechargeable built-in power supply, low power consumption and so on. It has low limitation on space application, and can be installed on any equipment and application station for easy replacement.


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