Small Ionizing Air Blowers Classification

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The small ionizing air blowers can be distinguished into many different kinds if we categorize it from styles. Each of them have their own characteristics. Small ionizing air blowers can remove the static fast and effectively, prevent the electrostatic pollution and damage. And it has the characteristics of

small size, light weight and easy installment. It adopts modular installation, which is suitable for various places. Generally, small ionizing air blowers can be categorized into small desktop ionizing air blower, horizontal small ionizing fan, hanging small ion fan and miniature small ion fan.

ionizing air blower small .pngsmall ionizing air blower .png

1, pulse DC small ion fan

 A, pulse wave triggers "voltageswing" voltage variations that may be detrimental to certain devices.

 B, the most commonly used in dust-free workshop may be low air flow of the occasion;

C, the pulse generated by the ion group to reduce the natural and the situation. Allow the ion machine to leave the protected object far (to 5 meters);

 D, pulse time can be adjusted to suit the environment of the air or distance requirements;

2, exchange of small ion fan:

 A, stable

 B, different pages of ionization energy make ionization balance work difficult;

 C, sine wave ionization efficiency is low, not suitable for the need for rapid neutralization of the occasion;

 D, simple design, low cost;

 E, due to low efficiency, the need for greater voltage to produce enough ions, will cause a lot of material, is not conducive to strict use of dust-free environment.

 F, positive and negative ions alternately produce natural neutrality of 1/100 or 1/120 second (50 or 60 Hz) ions will further reduce efficiency and require high wind compensation;

3, DC small ion fan

 A, can use automatic measurement and feedback control ionization balance;

 B, continuous high pressure using ionization efficiency is high, can handle fast neutralization needs;

 C, the need for complex control circuit to ensure the balance of positive and negative ions. 

 D, you can use a lower voltage, suitable for use in clean room;

Small ion fan kesd can produce a large number of positive and negative charge with the air, the object can be brought on the charge and out. When the surface of the object is taken as a negative charge, it will attract positive charge in the airflow. When the surface of the object carries a positive charge, it will attract the negative charge in the air flow, so that the electrostatic of the object surface can be neutralized and reach the purpose of static electricity elimination.


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