Static on The Human Body and Control

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According to medical experts, the human body static electricity will bring a certain degree of harm. The static electricity generated by human disturbance can change the normal surface potential difference of the human body, the effect of cardiac electrophysiology on the normal process of ECG and does not interfere with normal conduction. This static electricity can increase the patient or disease caused by premature beats, and so on, static electricity will continue alkaline increase in blood, resulting in decreased serum calcium content, increased calcium excretion, causing skin itching, pigmentation, the impact of the body's physical balance, Interfere with human emotions and so on.

Computer workers face more red hair, facial pigmentation and other diseases, due to the computer screen to produce a large number of static electricity to suspend the dust, so that his face was stimulated. In addition, the elderly than the young skin is relatively dry, coupled with the aging of the cardiovascular system, anti-interference ability and other factors weakened, more susceptible to electrostatic hazards, causing cardiovascular disease.

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In the winter, the air is too dry, the skin and clothes are easy between static electricity, high voltage electrostatic torque of tens of thousands of volts, resulting in the human body does not apply. Some of the daily life of the static electricity generated by the investigation and observation, walking on the carpet can produce 1500 to 35000 volts of electricity, the floor of the vinyl resin can produce 250 to 12,000 volts of electricity, chair on the buttocks will benefit to produce more than 1800 Volt. The level of electricity is mainly determined by the ambient air humidity. General static more than 7000 V, who will have a shocking feeling. Related information shows that the human body has a great danger of static electricity. Static electricity will make the blood of persistent alkali increased, decreased serum calcium, urinary calcium excretion increased, which is the growth and development of children, the elderly calcium content is very low, and pregnant women and lactating mothers calcium is much worse. 

Excessive accumulation of static electricity in the human body, can also lead to nerve conduction current abnormal cell membrane and affect the central nervous system, resulting in changes in body and blood pH, oxidative characterization of the body's physiological balance, dizziness, headache, irritability, insomnia, loss of appetite , Trance and other symptoms. Electrostatic blood circulation can interfere with the body, immune and nervous system, affecting all organs (especially the heart) work, may lead to abnormal heart rate and heartbeat abnormalities. In the winter, about one-third of cardiovascular disease and static electricity. People with static electricity in the flammable and explosive area will cause a fire.

How to control static?

With the advent of static problems in winter, our life reappears and works. Static control of the correct anti-static and correct use is our more concerned about the problem. Static control is of course anti-static material, the type is very large, but can be divided into anti-static pad to Taiwan, anti-static tools: First, the fundamental need for anti-static electrostatic control should be as follows:

Anti-static clothing and anti-static wrist strap

Anti-static wrist strap clothing and the elimination of human anti-static is an important part of the system that can help eliminate or control the body's electrostatic power generation, thereby reducing the main electrostatic source of the manufacturing process.

Anti-static clothing, including Siam anti-static cloth, anti-static clothing, anti-static jacket, anti-static shoes, hats, anti-static gloves, anti-static finger sets, Anti-static clothing is different colors of anti-static cloth. The yarn fabric has a certain percentage of conductive yarns, and the conductive yarn turns a certain percentage of stainless steel fibers or other conductive fibers and fiber mixtures from ordinary. The conductive fibers eliminate the clothes by corona discharge and electrostatic leakage. As the stainless steel fiber in the metal sector of the fiber, so it woven fabric anti-static conductivity is stable, does not change with the frequency of washing clothes.

Anti-static wrist strap is the operator of electronic components, and the most important electrostatic control contact, through the channel to the ground, the body can be brought by the static, thanks to the entire release. It consists of elastic anti-static, according to the activities of the deduction, spring cords. Protection of resistance and composition.

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