Usage of High Frequency Ionizing Air Nozzles

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Ionizing air nozzle is a independent small static equipment, which can be fixed on the instrument and then it can work well. It has a special transformer and it can remove the static electricity and dust with a external gas. It is can be classified into high-frequency ionizing air nozzle and low-frequency ionizer nozzle based on the ion release frequency of air nozzles. The release frequency of the high frequency ionizing air nozzle is higher than the low frequency ionizer. It may be up to thousand times or so and it also have better effect of removing static.

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The working principle of high-frequency ionizing air nozzle works through the high-pressure to  corona air so that the air will become positive and negative ions, and the ions will blow to the surface of the object with the air. According to the principle of mutual reciprocity of the opposite sex charge, so as to achieve the purpose of removing its surface static, where the ion release frequency Can reach more than 6 kilohertz. The outlet of the ionizing air nozzles is smaller and the airflow is more powerful. It is suitable to eliminate static in a small area and it can also remove the dust of the object surface.

High-frequency ionizing air nozzle is essentially different from the traditional low-frequency ion nozzle. The traditional nozzle is just an ion fan of the wind device without ion generator, but the high-frequency Ion nozzle is a whole device, just need access the 24-volt power supply, then it  can produce high-frequency ions. Its installation is also very simple and there is no need to install the separate ground wire, because the ground wire has been built on the power. It is only need connect with the trachea ventilation and fix on the specific equipment. 



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