Use of static control devices

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What is the life expectancy of static control equipment?

If the charged paper does not touch the fiber, the static control device will work for millions of cycles. Electrostatic technology recommends that the distance between the tip of the fiber and the charged paper is 2mm to 7mm.

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How to measure the amount of static charge on the surface?

Static charge is difficult to measure directly. An indirect method is to use an electrostatic field meter to measure the surface voltage. Surface voltage can be measured before and after installationStatic control device. The amount of voltage reduction is an indicator of the effectiveness of the static control device.

Can a static control device remove all electrical charges from a charged surface??

No, as the charge decreases, the electric field between the fiber tip and the charged surface will decrease. At some point, the electric field will decrease to a level where ionization cannot be maintained. All passive static electricity control equipment will have residual charge. The purpose of the static control device is to reduce the charge to a level that does not cause problems in the paper processing flow.


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