What Factors Will Bring Static Electricity to The Semiconductor?

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According to different incentives,the static damage to semiconductor devices can be divided into three kinds,the human body itself,the machine equipment and the semiconductor devices.

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When the electrostatic contact with the body of the device wire, the device occurs due to the discharge and charged, the device ground, the discharge current will instantly flow through the circuit, resulting in electrostatic breakdown. The external object is the body, the body will release a lot of charge, the discharge energy is much larger than the external object is the case of insulators; when the external object is the device, if not ground, even the conductor will accumulate charge, once the contact with the semiconductor device, The current will flow through the device, resulting in electrostatic breakdown; remove the external causes of the human body and equipment, the semiconductor device in the manufacturing and assembly process will occur electrostatic induction, when the wire is grounded, the internal electric field will change dramatically, the discharge current will flow through the circuit , resulting in electrostatic breakdown.

For such electrostatic damage to the semiconductor device is very serious, be sure to discharge current flow before, remove these electrostatic charge. At present, ion fan has a good effect of removing industrial static electricity, which has been applied to the majority of semiconductor production.

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