Pulse Ionizing Air Bar KE-60H KESD
Pulse Ionizing Air Bar KE-60H KESD
Pulse Ionizing Air Bar KE-60H KESD

Pulse Ionizing Air Bar KE-60H KESDPulse Ionizing Air Bar KE-60H KESD

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Model: KE-60H

Brand: KESD

  • Product Description

Product Description

Pulse Ionizing Air Bar KE-60H

Brief introduction

1. This product is a stationary type of static eliminator; Light weight, small size, no EMI and safe in operation;

2. Adopt pulse AC type, distribute positive and negative ions from the emitter needle by compressed air, with superior performance in ion balance, can realize static eliminate from point to big area.


Pulse Ionizing Air Bar.png

1Ion bar body    2Left plate    3Right plate    4Emitter    5Control panel

6Left auxiliary air hole   7Right auxiliary air hole   8Model label   9End cap


Pulse ionizer .png

1、 HV output control switch and ion balance adjust switch

2、 TERM switch

3、 RC remote control indicator light

4、 ID switch

5、 FREQ (frequency) switch

6、 H2V switch



Input voltage


Ion generated type

Pulse AC type

Indicator light H.V (Green)

HV normal

Voltage to be imposed

Pulse AC type/±7000V

Ion balance


Decay time

2.0STest distance 300mm

Ozone generatedPPM


Compressed air

Clean airNo water and oil

Air pressure application range


Applied environment temperature

Indoor 0-40°C

Applied environment humidity

15%-75%RhNo condensation


pluse ionizer bar .png

1、 Adopt high frequency AC type, strong ion concentration, ensure stable static eliminating performance, just need to clean the emitter in a certain time

2、 Adopt special shape of emitter, reduce the consumption of oxygen

3、 Easy to load and unload of the emitter, convenient for maintenance

4、 Auto ion balance system, 10V

5、 Equip with HV normal indicator light

6、 High safety in operation


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