Self Cleaning Ionizing Air Blower Portable Multi-fan KF-60AR
Self Cleaning Ionizing Air Blower Portable Multi-fan KF-60AR
Self Cleaning Ionizing Air Blower Portable Multi-fan KF-60AR

Self Cleaning Ionizing Air Blower Portable Multi-fan KF-60ARSelf Cleaning Ionizing Air Blower Portable Multi-fan KF-60AR

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Model: KF-60AR

Brand: KESD

  • Product Description

Product Description

Product Description

China wholesale high frequency communication industrial hot air blower KF-60AR

60AR ion air fanionizer fan

ionizer fan

This ionizing air blower is a kind of static eliminating equipment putting on the desk which supports balance ion flow and huge coverage. It is able to neutrilize and eliminate the static charge which spreading widely and not easy to touch. It is desire eleminating equipment of delicate electronic products, medication line of set-up, printing, packing, and delicate products.Discharge effect is still reduced from 1000v to 10v.It is used in the thousands level clean room.It is a excellent industrial product in eliminating static electricity.
1. Rapidly neutralizes static charges,
2. Smart, delicate, easy to operate,
3. Adjustable continuously to wind speed. indicating lamp for ions producing,
4. Small size, light weight and portable,
5. With magnetic leakage transformer, long life span and short-circuit proof ,
6. Variable speed fan with wide range of air flow,
7. Inherently balanced ion output,
8. Ionization indicator lamp,
9. Ion emitter cleaner inside, easy cleaning .
Wildly used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductors, plastics, films and printing industries.


Technical parameters

Product model


Input power supply

AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz

LED indicator light

Fan normal operation

If the fan operates normally, the green indicator light is on

Fan abnormal operation

If the fan operates abnormally, the red indicator light is on

High voltage normal

If high voltage operates normally,the green  indicator light is on

High voltage abnormal

If high voltage operates abnormally,the red indicator light is on

Ion balance

Automatic ion balance system 0±10V

Cleaning timer set

Can be set within the range of 0-999 hours

Voltage impose

High frequency AC method/±2200V

Air volume

2.56-4.07m³/min(single head)


Below 0.03(distance 150mm)


0~40℃(no condensation)


15-75% RH (no water drop condensation)

Overall size /mm

600*82*150(exclouding stents)


3.64Kg (exclouding stents)


Anti-static test condition

Operating voltage:DC24V Test voltage:±1000V-±100V Ambient temperature:23℃±2℃





Destaticizing time









Residual voltage




60AR Ionizing air blower kesd

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Company Information



   Our company was founded in 2003, has been occupied in developing, producing and selling anti-static products. Haixin has inherited the principle of “hold a business idea of service for survive and cooperation and innovations for development, keep pursuing high standard and high quality, and make continuous progress and transcendence” for more than 10 years. The company now has large scale of manufacturing base in Suzhou with many years’ effort.

   In the competitive market, Haixin enhances the research and innovation of advanced technology in line with the business idea of keeping improving and pursuing quality. It attaches great importance to the development and protection of proprietary intellectual property rights and has owned more than 50 patents of utility model. As a member of Shanghai Anti-static Association, Haixin has held the spirit of enterprising and business for 10 years, developed continuously in high-tech and environmental protecting economical area, and kept introducing latest ESD technology to be the most professional anti-static equipments manufacture in the domestic.

Honesty and keeping faith are our basis of existence. Diligence and initiatives are our foundation of consolidation, and innovation and cooperation are our long-term strategy of development.

 electric air blower

electric air blower

electric air blower


Our Services

KESD’s Qualification:

1. 10-year’s experience in static industry.

2. Customers from more than 20 countries.

3. Successful cases from dozens of countries.

4. Professional team offers technical support to customers.

5. 24 hours online serivces from our professional foreign trade department.

6. All our machines passed the CE certificate and SGS.

7. Our technicians go to different countries to help customers solve problems.

Choosing KESD, you will get not only the products, but also the better service, and better operating mode.



Packaging & Shipping

Payment Term

T/T, L/C, West Union, Paypal

Delivery Time

7  days after confirm the order


1 year after delivery







 1,Q:Where of our shipping port?

        A:FOB shanghai or shenzhen.

 2, Q:What samples express?

        A:Default FedEx.

 3,  Q:How long is the general delivery of the product?

        A:3 to5 days after confirm the order,10 to 15 days finish the order.

 4,Q:What brand of proudcts?

        A:Logo:KESD or EDM.

 5,Q:How to ensure product quality about return?

        A:1 year warranty,there are any problems can be unconditional return policy.


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